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This is David Gasser, 

As discussed here are some information that you can pass on to any church leaders or potential volunteers:

Here is the link to the Promo-Video that can be shared on Social Media / Whatsapp, ect: https://youtu.be/xTrHZr_afuo

For volunteers we offer luxury bungalows for only € 30.00 per person per night as well as free transportation to the conference venue. If you know of people (Church Members, youth groups, etc.) that would like to be a part of the Holland Ablaze Team, please partner with us and spread this information to whoever could be interested and is willing to serve. 

You also can forward my number (+31 (0)20 334 2010) and email address (hollandablaze@gmail.com) to anybody who is interested for direct contact with me. 

If you have any ideas, you can get back to me at any time.


God bless you and I look forward to seeing you soon!


David Gasser

0641427482 / 0203342010  

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